Child abuse in Islamabad; 2019 declared as the worst year: SSDO

Amina Ali Alpiyal

Islamabad: Social Sustainable Development Organization declared 2019 as worst year for child abuse in Islamabad. SSDO says that child abuse incidents observed more than in 2019.

According to annual reports of social sustainable development organizations, Islamabad has witnessed 159 percent increase in the child abuse cases in 2019. The number is comparatively higher than previous years.

Report says there is 38 percent increase in violence against women as 109 cases were reported against 79 cases in 2018.

However, overall crime ratio has been decreased upto 8 percent as compared to 2018 in Islamabad. Data mentioned in report shows that more than 57 cases of child abuse were reported in Islamabad Out of the 57 cases, 38 victims were boys while rest of 9 were girls who were sexually abused.

A girl named Farishta  was murdered after sexually abused last year in Islamabad. Farishta murder and abuse case was highlighted by the media on large scale.

Experts say that the ratio of child and women abuse could be higher than that, because many of them keep such things hide from being highlighted. In 2018 only 22 cases of child abuse were reported, the report says. The cases of violence against women were increased 38 percent as compared to 2018, says reports.

There were 79 cases in 2018 while there were 109 in 2019. These cases were as 43 cases of violence, 31 cases of women kidnapping and 35 cases of rape.


ID: 2020/02/02/4543

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