Mohsin Dawar’s accounts hacked, recovered several hours later.

Zahra Kazmi

Islamabad: PTM senior leader and MNA from North Waziristan has Mohsin Dawar’s email and Twitter accounts were hacked on Tuesday, he gained the control back several hours later
Speaking to Mohsin Dawar about the matter, Mohsin confirmed the news and told that it was a time around (Tuesday) morning when he came to know that his Twitter and email account has been hacked Shortly after, the passwords of both accounts were changed too Mohsin further told that he is in coordination with the email and Twitter authorities to investigate about the hacker(s), meanwhile he had called for the legal assistance too
Kifayat Ulla-an active member of PTM and a close associate of Mohsin Dawar told that the PTM team is looking into the matter to investigate the hacker. Hence, it is a coward act that should be condemned. PTM team is very active on social media and using the platform well to explain its point of view
The last twitter activity from Mohsin Dawar was a retweet of Gulalai Ismail about lockdown of Internet in Jani khel district of Bannu
Late at Tuesday night, around 11 pm, Mohsin tweeted about the recovery of his account, thanking Twitter and few other friends for their help and support for the recovery of his account
The hacker(s) are still unknown, but the whole duration of hack, the account remained inactive and no any post or tweets were seen

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