Ehsaas Cash Program – An Overview up- to- date

Corona pandemic is affecting people globally. Many veterans are trying their best to find the cure of this contagious epidemic where the germs get transferred by mere touching but it still seems a hard nut to crack. Sometimes it looks like the end of this pandemic is just at a stone’s throw but later we find respective officials losing their words about its end 

At the moment where the only burning question is how to control this pandemic, only a few are concerned about how the daily wagers or the laborers are going to survive amid corona crisis. In the history of Pakistan, a program of its own kind has been launched by the Prime Minister Imran Khan named as Ehsaas Cash Program on April 1st, 2020. Dr. Sania Nishtar – SAPM on protection and Poverty Alleviation is heading this project. An amount of 12000 PKR is paid to all those deserving people who got themselves registered via sms service on 8171 which lasted April 19, 2020. Total budget of Rs. 144 billion has been allotted for 12 million needy families. Deserving people were able to collect their cash through biometric verification. It was seen that at most of the places biometric devices were unable to identify the thumb impression. Just then government asked the Nadra Offices to give cash to the needy in case of biometric failure. Cash disbursement was seen all across Pakistan where different centers were made to collect the money. As corona virus is contagious, possible measurements were taken to create social distancing during cash distribution

Ehsaas Cash Program comprises of two phases. First phase was to aid people who got affected by this epidemic. Second phase is for Labor class or daily wagers who lost their jobs due to lockdown imposed by the government of Pakistan. Now the second phase started on May 2nd, 2020 where Prime Minister Imran Khan launched Ehsaas Labour Unemployment Program. This program will help laborers to fulfill their needs amid this corona virus epidemic. Daily wagers and people with lost jobs are directed to register themselves via Nadra Web Portal Once the registration gets done then cash disbursement will take place for the respective phase

Ehsaas Cash Program is one of the best initiatives taken by Imran Khan’s government as this initiative is going to set an example not only for other governments in Pakistan but also for other countries. It is a need of hour to help those needy with whose help people get elected and make their governments

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