?Covid _19-A Natural Pandemic or A Bio War

Sidra Sabeen

Is Covid-19 a natural pandemic or a well – planned conspiracy? Covid_19 is an acronym of Corona Virus Disease and year 2019 (Covid – 19). This virus is eminent now as everyone is familiar with this pandemic these days no matter what their age is. Starting from China, this deadly outbreak persecuted a large number of people by jeopardizing their lives. Just like a wildfire this outbreak spread from one corner of the world to the other and affected people with a fast paced transmission. Keeping abreast of novel Coronavirus calamities, it is responsible for almost 4.5 million confirmed cases around the globe up to date. By the time more than 302K people kicked their buckets while fighting against this disease. Doctors and paramedical staffs are struggling really hard to take this bull by their horns. Due to the increasing number of covid patients, the voracity for elixir is also increasing with every passing day where the vaccine for this disease is still under process and none has any idea whether one can be successful in making it or not

Bio War – 5th Generation War

Some outrageous claims refer this pandemic to a Bio War. Bio War utilizes virus or microorganisms to destroy the opponent. A war where one party has to fight against an unseen rival as it has none to blame for being their adversary. There is a controversy in if this epidemic is a bio war or not. If we just take this pandemic as a 5th generation war, whom can we hold liable for all this devastation? China being the economic superpower is holding United States of America accountable for transmitting the virus via US military. From China’s perspective, USA did so to put a halt to the rise of Chinese economy. On the other hand USA is claiming Chinese laboratory behind the spread of this outbreak. In short novel coronavirus is a bioweapon of war between USA and China. This war made the economy of the whole world suffer. The downfall of global economy is increasing day by day but how to overcome this collapse became an unanswerable question

Just to support what is going on in the minds of many people; let me draw your attention towards the movie Contagion which was initially released by USA on September 9, 2011. While watching it, one can think of himself as one of its characters. Everything happening in that movie is actually what we are observing these days. What is this disease all about?  How much contagious this disease is? What are the symptoms and what precautionary measures can be taken to prevent this epidemic? Answers to all these queries could be found in the movie

The point to mention the respective movie is that if Covid-19 is a natural pandemic and people were already aware of the disastrous effects of this pandemic, why was this virus not nipped in the bud and kept the ball rolling? Lives of millions of innocent people are put at stake who have no concern with all of it. No matter who started it or if it is just a natural pandemic, the end of this outbreak is still implausible as China once announced the end of this virus but now having covid patients in Wuhan again. If Covid-19 is a natural outbreak then by adopting preventives world can save itself from this rampant still having lots of sectors to be recovered. If it’s a conspiracy then the mastermind has axed his own feet. Even though not fully but definitely in some respects

For the readers, stay safe from this pandemic and adopt precautionary measures. Either it’s natural or a ploy; don’t let yourselves be a victim of Covid-19

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