Covid – 19 Lockdown – Intimidating Teaching Challenges

By Sidra Sabeen

Since the beginning of Coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid -19), every single person belonging to different professions has been facing an immense pressure regarding his survival amid this outbreak. This virus has caused the downfall of economic status of almost every developed as well as developing country. While dealing with the dilemma of coronavirus everyone is compromising on their ways of earning and so do the teachers. Right through the start of this pandemic spread when the students were asked to stay at home to be safe from this outbreak, several institutions kept on calling their teachers to be on duty for more than a week or so. With the life threatening challenges of this epidemic, it was impossible for most of the teachers to carry out their routine work normally
Nowadays as teachers are working from home, online class is a top most challenge teachers are facing these days at school as well as higher level. Teachers are directed to teach the students by preparing lectures and notes via MS Office and to keep students busy in studies and complete their course, without taking a notice that there is a big difference between teaching the students in a classroom and teaching them online. Online classes create a fuss not only for teachers but also for the students. Students are left with vague ideas even though teachers spare no effort in comprehending the concepts. Teacher’s whole time and efforts goes wasted due to poor concentration and internet surfing of students during online classes. Misunderstanding, lack of communication, and internet problems lower the value of online teaching as compared to classroom teaching. The daunting challenge for teachers in online teaching is that their performance is being evaluated by the number of students present and their performance in online class. If the students fail to perform well, the respective teacher would be terminated. Teachers have no way other than calling the parents of students again and again and to ask them to attend online classes, not only for the betterment of students but to save their jobs too
Furthermore, another disheartening challenge is that thousands of teachers have faced and are still facing either temporary or permanent job dismissal due to coronavirus pandemic. A number of teachers, lecturers, assistant professors and even professors are jobless now because their private educational institutes are unable to pay the expenditures of the institute and administration can’t get the teachers paid. Keeping in mind that all the educational institutes including schools, colleges and universities are getting fees paid by the students, terminating the teachers the teachers permanently or not paying them for 3 to 4 months is a complete violation of teachers’ rights. As the contracts have been signed and teachers are restrained to work for a specific institute, it is the duty of that organization to take care of their employees at this crucial time.
As a matter of fact, everyone is going through this difficult time of pandemic. We all must set a priority to be helpful to others as much as we can. At this time of need, lend others a helping hand as everything you do comes back to you

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