Transgenders & their Hardships in Pakistan

All mankind is from Adam, and an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over a black nor does a black have any superiority over a white, except by the piety and good actions.
Prophet of Allah (PBUH)

Transgender is a person known as “Third Gender”. Different terms like “Khusra”, “Hijra”, “Khuwaja Sara” are also in use. Left with frowning upon, their community is mostly considered as untouchables. Treating them as a bizarre creature, this community experiences a harsh and callous disregard by normal men and women. Although trans are created by Almighty but are treated as if it is their mistake for being what they are, who they are. They cannot settle in a colony where normal men and women are living. They face a massive rejection in owning them as a friend, neighbour, student or an employee in some firm or company. They most often get a worse treatment even than an animal not only by general public but also by government officials

Efforts of Government to Provide Transgender Community with Official Support Pakistan government tried to prohibit their ill – treatment and henceforth took some of the official steps

Starting from 2009, all provisional governments were asked to provide the transgenders with all their rights by Pakistan Supreme Court. For this very reason NADRA was instructed to create a “Third Gender” in their database.
In 2012, a third gender was created in the database of NADRA. It was actually a great step for transgender community to ensure their identity and rights. Due to this step a few trans were able to cast their vote in 2013 elections
In 2016, the provisional government of KPK passed a resolution and called on the national government to safeguard transgender community when a number of trans women were attacked sequentially and even a trans woman was shot down when she tried to save herself up from being raped or sexual harassment. No hospital admitted her because she was a third gender and she ended up dying while waiting

In 2018, a bill was passed by Pakistan’s senate for the rights of trans holding the protection of their health rights and allowing them to get an access to any public place whenever they want without facing any kind of harassment.
On 1st December 2018, a separate ward for transgender community was inaugurated to provide the basic health care facilities. This initiative was one of its own kinds for the transgender community in getting treatment at PIMS hospital Islamabad

In 2019, a healthcare access program was launched by Prime Minister Imran Khan distinctively for transgender community. Khan stated that his government is on track to change perspective of general public towards transgender community

?Can Transgender Enjoy a Healthy Lifestyle

Transgender is a human as we all are. They are begging, dancing and prostituting because they are restrained to avail the opportunities like a normal man or woman. They get obstruction in attending schools, receiving education, earning by ethical means and hence cannot build and secure a future for themselves. If these trans are provided with certain opportunities as we all have then they can also enjoy a normal and healthy lifestyle. There are many examples of trans who despite of restrictions and sexual harassment preserved long enough to attain education through some means and ended up in setting a successful career

Marvia Malik is the first transgender newscaster on Kohenoor News Channel who completed her graduation in journalism. She started her career with modeling but is now continuing in the field of journalism.
Reem Sharif is another example of first transgender who is appointed by Rawalpindi Police as a Transgender Rights Activist. She is working at the front desk of police station and representing the transgender community proudly

Allah Swt has blessed each individual with certain capabilities. Everyone can perform certain functions in order to contribute towards the society, and so can every single transgender. All they need is an opportunity. Remember that it is not the duty of government only to make certain arrangements for basic rights of transgenders’ communities rather everyone of us can play a role in providing them with basic facilities as we do for ourselves. Take a look around you. If you have any contact with a transgender, help them if they are being criticised by anyone. Teach them, let them get the education and learn certain skills so that they could earn for themselves by true and permissible means instead of begging or being a prostitute. Let them live a life where they are free from facing sexual harassment or looking down upon. Stop using them for the sake of your pleasures. Be a human and let them live like humans

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