How Transgenders are coping with Covid-19

The isolation caused by the pandemic that the entire world is getting suffocated with, might be a new thing for the society but there lives a community within the same society who is dealing with this isolation for almost forever.

The transgender community of Pakistan is comprised of very significant members, not only in numbers but also with respect to their ability to learn set of skills. However, the only way the society has left for them to get their bread n butter is by human interaction, of whatever nature it may be. They are not only socially isolated but also economically, educationally, psychosocially and psychosexually deprived of their rights. Therefore, it would not be an erroneous claim to make that transgender community is most affected segment from the Covid-19. The uncertainty of life exhorts us to open our mind and hearts to do as much for the socially isolated community as we can. Hence, a small initiative is waiting for your contribution or appreciation at least.

Kawish Foundation is a small initiative of a group of youngsters, which aims at the social inclusion of Transgender community in the mainstream society, by equipping them with set skills required to get financial independence. Kawish foundation intends to train Transgender community members according to their interests and ambitions and help them to kick start their professional as well as financially independent careers. The Trans members who have registered so far have showed their interests in learning beautician and stitching skills. To our surprise one of the registered Transgender has completed master’s level education. As they have had enough of ridicule, mistreatment, dependency and social exclusion, we believe that they are human beings too and must be treated like one.

Since, Transgender community has been victim of ill treatment by the society, therefore, it is crucial to engage society members in making spaces for them and changing their stereotypical behavior towards this marginalized community. Therefore, Kawish foundation aspires to conduct public seminars and conferences to sensitize people about the problems Trans community has been dealing with since almost forever.

It is intended to inaugurate the Kawish Foundation on 14th August, 2020 in Rawalpindi. A small ceremony would be organized, inviting successful member of the Transgender community to motivate the ones who are ready to change their lives by learning skills and earn a respectful bread n butter for themselves. Let us give Trans a change to earn respect. Let us help Trans becoming best versions of themselves. Let diversity coexist.

Rubab Syed is a social science researcher and CEO of Kawish Foundation

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